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Take Social Media marketing to the NEXT Level

This week we focus on a more advanced technique for social media marketing by looking at PageModo. PageModo is a third party service which provides a complete management platform for all your social media networks. One piece of great news is that this service has a very capable and free membership option. While you can upgrade the free version is really solid. 

  • In this video we'll give you a tour of PageModo

  • We show you how to create beautiful cover photos

  • We show you the post suggestion system

  • We show you the post scheduling system

  • We show you the engaging post creator

  • We discuss some best practices for Social Media Marketing

Click the image below to play the video


  1. Signing up for PageModo is really easy, just go to PageModo.com and follow the instructions. If you have a Facebook account it is literally 2 or 3 clicks.
  2. PageModo has a variety of video about their products on their YouTube channel. 
  3. Breakthrough Broker also has a wide variety of Social Media tools HERE


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