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As much as we'd love to pat ourselves on the back, we'll spare you from that old song and dance. We have sold many homes and we've coached many agents. In short, we love the real estate industry and we love seeing real estate professionals succeed. We are genuinely fired up when we can help someone go to the NXT Level. 

 Nathan Froelich & Eric Sachs

Nathan Froelich & Eric Sachs

Rather than just tell you about our commitment to your success, please see for yourself by taking a look at BreakthorughBroker.com. This website is our pride and joy, the crown jewel from years of learning what not to do and what works. We can say with conviction that BreakthroughBroker.com is the most complete FREE resource for real estate professionals and we intend to keep it that way. 

So why did we create NXT Level Agent? After two years of growing and improving BreakthroughBroker.com, we kept getting feedback over and over that agents wanted more--they wanted more structure, more advice, and more of an ongoing relationship. Hesitant to follow the herd of high cost and highly complicated systems, we created NXT Level Agent with the mission of empowering agents with a low cost high value alternative to what is currently available. 

So--if this sounds like the right fit for you, if you are ready to learn, be challenged, and sell more homes, then please join us in going to the NXT Level by Clicking here. 

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